Triple Chocolate Fountain

If you are finding it hard to choose between milk, dark or white chocolate, or you like the idea of something a little different, then why not have all three. We are now able to offer a package which includes THREE small professional grade chocolate fountains. That means you can have three types of chocolate to choose from. As with our larger chocolate fountains, all our triple chocolate packages include your choice of dips, skewers, napkins and a trained operator.

Triple Chocolate Fountain Package:

Our triple chocolate package includes:

- Milk, dark & white chocolate
- Three commercial chocolate fountains
- Your choice of up to 10 dips
- Trained Fountain operator
- Napkins & skewers
- 2 - 3 hours running time
- Suitable for up to 150 guests (maximum)


Fully inclusive cost (no added extra's)

Double Chocolate Fountain Package:

Our double chocolate package includes

- Choice of two chocolates from milk, white or dark
- Your choice of up to 6 dips
- Trained fountain operator
- Napkins & skewers
- Up to two hours running time
- Suitable for up to 80 guests (maximum)

Fully inclusive cost (no added extra's)


If your function doesn't fit into one of our packages, we are very happy to put together individual quotes for our small fountains based on the number of guests you are expecting. For functions with more than 150 guests, please call for a quote

Please note that our office number has now changed. You can contact us on 01728 752 752 or through our low call number 0845 257 1253