Stunning Shot Fountains

If you are looking for something you won't find anywhere else, love your shots and want to impress, then you are going to need our shot fountains! These are specifically designed to serve small shot sized drinks. Whether you are a Sambuca fan, like a little Tequila, or want to go mad and serve up some Jegar Bombs at your event, our shot fountains are exactly what you need

All our shot fountain packages include:

- Two tier illuminated shot fountains
- Illuminated Surround for each fountain
- Disposable shot glasses
- Trained Fountain operator
- 2 - 3 hours running time
- Number of guests limited only by the amount of alcohol you wish to provide


Double Shot Fountain
(No alcohol provided)


Triple Shot Fountain
(No alcohol provided)


Our shot fountains are also available as part of our "mix & match" fountain packages. Please click here for more details

Double Shot Fountain
Drink for up to 200 shots (100 per fountain)


Triple Shot Fountain
Drink for up to 300 shots (100 per fountain)


Shot Fountain Packages

Our shot fountains are available in packages of two or three fountains - unfortunately we are not able to supply just one fountain. All the fountains are displayed in our wonderful illuminated surrounds and each fountain is also illuminated

What you serve in them is entirely up to you. We can recommend a range of spirits suitable for use in the fountains. Why not have a spirit on one and a mixer in the other so your guests can make a longer drink? Maybe if you have children at your party, one of the fountains can have something non-alcoholic so everyone can join in!

Whatever you choose, we never serve the drinks for you - because doing it yourself is the whole fun of having the fountains!

Please note that our office number has now changed. You can contact us on 01728 752 752 or through our low call number 0845 257 1253