Why do you only provide 10 different dipping items when other companies provide a lot more?

Wouldn't you hate to book a chocolate fountain only to find that they ran out of your favorite dip halfway through the evening? Or worse they didn't even bring it in the first place. We feel it is much better to give you the choice of what you would like to dip in your fountain, that way you get lots of things you like. It also means we can guarantee to have all of your choices right up until we finish. Why take the chance with 20 or 30 dips when you could be disappointed.

We can guarantee you that the chocolate used in all our fountains is genuine professional Belgium chocolate with absolutely nothing added to and most definitely NO ADDED OIL. This is something that can be done and oil is usually added to save cost (because the chocolate last longer) or by less experienced companies who have not yet mastered the art of running a fountain yet. We are very experienced and have no need to use anything but the chocolate. Still not sure, well it's all in the taste - and you can taste vegetable oil!

I have heard you have to put lots of vegetable oil in the chocolate?

The chocolate used at each chocolate fountain booking is fresh and new. We never re-use any of the chocolate, it is both unhygienic and unpleasant to even consider serving you with chocolate that has been eaten the week before. Because we don't re-use the chocolate, if you want to keep whatever is left at the end, you are very welcome to do so.

Do you re-use the left over chocolate?

No, a chocolate fountain is not suitable for outside use. It is perfectly OK if located in an enclosed gazebo or marquee, but we find it attracts flies and a small amount of wind can make the chocolate go everywhere

Can a chocolate fountain be used outside

We will need a space of approximately 4 feet in circumference

How much space does a chocolate fountain take up

He or she transports the equipment to your venue and sets it up at your chosen time and  melts the chocolate and starts the machine. They lay out the dips and monitor the fountain at all times, greet guests in a friendly and professional manner throughout and refill the machine with chocolate, replenish the dipping food and keep the display looking fresh and clean. At the end of our time with you t hey dismantle and take away the machine for cleaning.

What does a chocolate fountain operator do?

Please note that our office number has now changed. You can contact us on 01728 752 752 or through our low call number 0845 257 1253